About Us

In general the Wood County Clerk of Courts of Common Pleas Court is the record keeper for the Court.

To broaden that definition even further, the Clerk of Courts office is responsible for filing, docketing, indexing and preserving all court pleadings and orders for civil, felony criminal, domestic relations and a few other miscellaneous cases.

Along with maintaining the Court’s docket, journal book and preserving the records, the Clerk is responsible for issuing all forms directing service such as: Summons, Warrants to Arrest, Order of Sales, Notice to Serve’s to name a few.

Preserving the records of the court through quality archival processes for all future generations to come, starts at the time of their filing, determining the required retention period that a record must be kept.

The Legal Office is also responsible for billing and collecting all payments for court costs, restitution payments and fines along with the accepting the required deposits and dispensing these funds as directed.

The Clerk of Courts Legal Office must follow the Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Rules of Superintendence, Ohio Civil Rules, local court rules along with any court order handed down within a case that refers to the Clerk of Courts.

The Wood County Clerk of Courts-Title Office plays a vital role in the motoring community, again serving as the record keeper for your proof of ownership documents to a consumer’s next largest purchase, with a home being the largest.

The Clerk is responsible for processing and holding the proof of ownership for all motor and watercraft vehicles. The titles are issued through the Automated Title Processing System (ATPS) which is a state-wide system that allows all titling information to be shared throughout the State of Ohio.

The Clerk must determine that the appropriate documentation has been provided to them per the Ohio Revised Code to prove ownership and that the chain of possession has not been broken. This allows a title to be issued to the proper person.

The Clerk must also retain all supporting documentation for the required number of years as mandated by the Ohio Revised Code. The office also is responsible for collecting all title fees and sales tax at the point of sale for each vehicle titled.

The Wood County Clerk of Courts-Title Office also is an acceptance agent for the Ohio Division of Watercraft and processes registration for all watercraft that are used on Ohio waterways.

The Clerk of Courts must follow the Ohio Revised Code, Ohio Rules of Superintendence, Ohio Civil and Criminal Rules, Local Court Rules and Ohio BMV Directives.

The Wood County Clerk of Courts also serves as the Clerk for the Sixth District Court of Appeals for all Wood County Courts.