Wood County Courts

The Court of Common Pleas, General Division, and the Clerk of Courts of Common Pleas Court work diligently together to process case matters for the citizens of Wood County.

The variety of cases include:

  1. “Domestic Relations” including all hearings for divorce, dissolution of marriages, civil protection orders, modifications of child/spousal support and change of custody of children.
  2. “Civil” actions arising out of Professional tort (Medical/Legal malpractice); Product Liability (Tort), Other Tort (auto accidents, personal injuries); Worker’s Compensation, Foreclosures, Administrative Appeals (agency appeals); Other Civil (promissory notes defaults, fraud, contract disputes); Violation of Anti-Predatory Lending Law & Certificate of Qualification of Employee.
  3. “Criminal” actions that arise to the Felony level per the Ohio Revised Code. These actions are filed on behalf of the State of Ohio and may originate at the Municipal Court level and then bound over to the Wood County Common Pleas Grand Jury for indictment process.

For any questions other than about case related matters, please view the Wood County Court of Common Pleas website.

Please reference the website for the Court of Common Pleas