Frequently Asked Questions

I am an Ohio resident buying a car, what will I need to obtain a title?

If you are buying from an Ohio dealer they will obtain a title for you. If you are buying from a private party you will need a properly assigned title from the seller. If the seller is an out of state dealer you will also need a detailed bill of sale. Any vehicle with an out of state title will need an Out of State Inspection the identification number also.

I am selling my car titled in Ohio, what will I need to do?

You will need to sign over the Ohio title to the new buyer in front of a notary public. You will need to fill in the purchaser’s name, purchaser’s address, selling price and the current mileage.

I moved to Ohio from another state but the lienholder holds my title, what should I do?

The title office will need the current title in order to convert it to an Ohio title. Call the title office with the name and fax number of your lien holder along with the year, make and serial number of your vehicle.

What forms of identification are acceptable for a motor vehicle or watercraft title to be issued?

Driver’s License from any state, State issued Identification card from any state, or a valid passport from any country.

What forms of payment does the title office accept?

We accept cash, checks* or money orders drawn on US banks, and major credit cards with a convenience fee of $2.00 minimum or 2.5%.

*No starter checks

 How do I obtain my car plates or driver’s license?

Visit the link below for complete information.

Ohio BMV

How do I apply for a lost, stolen or destroyed title?

When a title is lost, stolen or destroyed a duplicate title must be applied for by the person(s) whose name is listed on the title. The application for title must be completed and notarized. If there is a lien against the title the lienholder must apply for the duplicate. The fee is $15.00. An additional fee of $1.00 is charged for witnessing signature.

Application of Certificate of Title

I paid off my car and the title is electronic, do I need a paper title?

It is fine for an electronic title to stay in electronic format. If you trade the vehicle in to an Ohio Dealership, the electronic title will transfer directly to them. If you sell to a private party, you can use BMV Form 3770 to transfer directly to the purchaser.

 My title is electronic but no longer has a lien on it. How can I obtain a paper title?

To apply for a paper title an application for replacement title must be completed and notarized. The fee is $15.00.

An additional fee of $1.00 is charged for witnessing signature.

Application for Motor Vehicle Replacement Title

Application for Watercraft Replacement Title


Where in Wood County can I go to get my boat registered?

Wood County Title Office
1616 East Wooster Street
Unit 16
Bowling Green, OH 43402
(419) 354-9180